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Electric bikes are the fastest-growing area of cycling. Electric Bike Magazine is a new multimedia platform aimed at highlighting and reviewing everything ‘e’, supplying you with the best information available. Join us every day for new eye-popping designs, lighter bikes, and more powerful (and smaller) batteries.

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The Trefecta DRT is the Genisys of the military-grade electric super bike

Okay, so it’s pretty much a motorbike wrapped up as a bicycle, but don’t spoil the fun. It folds, so let’s continue. From “an international team of Dutch, German and Swiss engineers,” the 20-in Trefecta DRT frame is crafted from 7075 aluminum which also protects the internal cables and components. The wheels are carbon fibre. Packing a 4-kW motor, a 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub and a SmeshGear transmission, capable of reaching a top speed of 43.5 mph. You can even choose between automatic or manual gear-shifting. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are included of course, and a built-in waterproof dock is neat. Top specs in all areas comes with a price - close to £20k! You’ve got to have a serious reason to buy a... read more

Getting Jivr with it

The Jivr | Bike is a folding electric bicycle that has no chain, using a mechanical drivetrain that’s built into the bike’s frame. Battery range is 20 miles, and it folds like a Brompton in four moves, weighing less than 15kg. Smartphone-ready, with a dedicated app, as well as open-ended iBeacon tech which can interact with any smartwatch or tablet. London-based, hundreds of pounds can be knocked off the £1,999 retail price if you get in there... read more

Karmic Koben is Koming

The Karmic Koben is designed to be lighter than most other e-bikes, and there’s a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders. Karmic plans to have a version that will weigh about 16kgs, as well as a carbon fiber version with Chris King wheels that will weigh about 13.5kgs and be priced around £300-400... read more

Ford have unveiled the ‘MoDe’ electric bike prototype

Ford introduced its MoDe:Pro and MoDe:Me concept e-bikes at a press event at MWC 2015. The e-bikes are equipped with a number of smart features that connect to the Apple iPhone 6. Both e-bikes can fold up for storage and have sensors on the back that let riders know when a car is coming too fast from behind. The bike can then vibrate to warn the rider, and flash lights to warn the approaching driver. Read the full article... read more

Four designs shortlisted for new London pedestrian and bike bridge

Four teams of architects have been shortlisted to design the £40m Nine Elms to Pimlico river crossing in south-west London, seeing off competition from 70 other anonymous entries Ove Arup (with AL_A, Gross Max, Equals Consulting and Movement Strategies) The four designs were chosen by a jury including architect Graham Stirk and the Design Council’s Pam Alexander Bystrup (with Robin Snell & Partners, Sven Ole Hansen ApS, Aarsleff and ÅF Lighting) The bridge project is part of a wider £1bn infrastructure redevelopment of the Nine Elms area, which includes an extension to the Northern Line with two new underground stations Ove Arup (with Hopkins Architects and Grant Associates) Westminster’s Labour and Conservative parties have come out in fierce opposition to Wandsworth’s plans, claiming it would destroy one of the few green spaces left on the riverside Buro Happold (with Marks Barfield Architects, J&L Gibbons Landscape Architects, Gardiner and Theobald) The winning design will be selected in the... read more

Cape Epic wouldn’t be so tough with a battery

Flash floods, bushfires and wild animals, South Africa’s eight-day Cape Epic mountain bike ‘marathon’ has it all. A 739km (460-mile) route climbing 2,000 metres each day, it’s got enough drama to make a Hollywood adventure movie. Read the full article... read more

SHOWS - They can be an electrifying experience…

The Cycle Show 2014 _ _ _ _ Madhog DBO-7

Just what do we have here…? IMG_4168

The Cycle Show 2014 _ _ _ _ Madhog Street Carbon

Madhog hit the ‘wow’ buttonIMG_4175

The Cycle Show 2014 _ _ _ _ Roodog Striker

A ‘striking’ Roodog - the Striker IMG_4085

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